The Eclipse Gallery …

If you’ve been by the old gallery in the last month or so you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t there anymore!  The Eclipse has merged with and moved to Burning House Art Studio in Apple Valley.

“Eclipse Gallery has run its course,” says owner Joan Sowinski. “We had a lot of fun in the two and one-half years it was in operation, however, it is time to move on and develop additional resources to assist local area artists to grow,” she continues.

The website (you are here) will remain online for an undisclosed amount of time so that all who were involved may enjoy photos of the great times that were had there, and the beautiful work by emerging and seasoned artists who made the gallery the wonderful venue that it was.


We’re moving up

The Eclipse gallery has served its mission to bring arts to the area so well that it’s is busting out! Today it is closed at its present location and will be sharing space at Burning House Art Studio 14015 pioneer Rd Apple Valley suite 10 & 9. Where I will have studio arts work space and public arts forums, ceramic classes, drawing, painting, mosaic and printing workshops coming in 2014. What a great year coming up for Eclipse Art Gallery. Just as the name implied the spectacular crossing of ligh and shadow is passing by us now. I want to show my graditude for all the wonderous bodies that crossed paths with me. We are truly stardust and rainbows , remember energy doesn’t just disappear it just changes form. See you all soon I hope at BHAS. Thanks Joan Sowinski

CERAMICS NOW! Eclipse’s Reception of November 16, 2013

          _MG_0115Eclipse Art Gallery is now hosting a ceramic art exhibit where clay has been formed and fired into every color and quise imagined by the artists._MG_0129This exhibit showes what can be done_MG_0102with clay as artists engage in a push and play game with their medium._MG_0103This diverse show has work ranging from sculpture_MG_0109to decorative and functional_MG_0147aaaceramics.  This sampling of clay art_MG_0136,_MG_0098can be seen through December.  Don’t wait and miss seeing these original gift ideas for your holiday giving._MG_0121IMG_0123aaa

Ceramics Now!

of all the art mediums, CLAY has the most history , oldest found art, and the most attached emotions for ,our modern artist. Equipment has long been understood as romantic and mysterious, thanks to cultural representations such as movies and the works themselves. Clay is a sensitive, seductive material that responds to the touch. It’s surface can look like many materials, wood, metal, stone, shell, fish, fur, bone there is no end to the list of the great transformer. Yes clay handling is a leaned technique, it is a road worth exploring.

Reception November 16 7:00

The mask by Jerry Baker Production manager at Burning House Art Studio

Change of dates for Ceramics show

The current display at gallery -13- will be open for one more week closing on November 9. The next display will be CERAMICS SHOW and the opening will be November 16 at 7:00. Pick up for -13- is Monday the 11, 10-4. Drop off for ceramics is November 13 10-4, please call gallery to be sure at 760669-0099. This will be a special exhibit with mostly Burning House Art Studio Ceramics, ever wonder what going on a BHAS? This is your chance to see. Thanks You, Joan

Exibit 13 Reception 10-12-13

_MG_4487sm A coyote’s howl, splash of bloodIMG_4450sm, and a bleeding worldIMG_4344smgave life to a reception to die for.  Exhibit 13, created by and featuring Agustin W. Cisneros, with other friends, used all dimentions of the galleryIMG_4446sm, IMG_4380sm and traveled beyond the definition of comtempory art.  Features jump out, hung, stand tall, or flat against a wall left viewersIMG_4388sm mindful of a power within.  Joan Sowinski’s in depth work, “Fortuna’s Wheel”_MG_4468sm2along with her artist statement examines in a profound, reflective way that the skelleton does not always mean a final destination. _MG_4373smDakota Brooks DJ’d and sang sounds for an added treat to the evening.

Fortuna’s Wheel

Death, mortality, rebirth, resurrection, (continuation of the soul) as fortuna’s wheel.
Art as illustration and argument persuading a point of view. Inspiration is Ovid the poet from Roman times (45 BC) as the first mention of Fortuna’s wheel as a vehicle to good fortune or bad. Developing the thought that perhaps even a talisman might not weigh the scales in favor of a higher position in a community, warmth in the winter, coolness in summer, abundant agriculture and even the idea that after death the spirit will not be subject to the laws of the seasons of birth, life, aging and death of the earthly inhabitants, that luck is the apex in which to raise above, and live renewed, resurrected, metamorphosed.
What is good luck? Is it a goddess fickle and un yielding or a fragment of life, a bone, a rock, a likeness of a woman, carried with a thought that the object carries a power over life, death and beyond? Can the human be of moral fortitude thru good deeds and hard work and therefore be granted luck, fortune, love and even eternal life? Can a talisman weigh the scale in a predicted manner? Or point out the man that receives these gifts of wealth, love and happiness and ultimately life after death. Fortuna is depicted as a skeleton not as a goddess but as a human, once subject to the laws of nature riding the wheel of fortune considering the metamorphose of the butterfly, posing the question of the grander prize from the wheel is the lifting of earthy constraints such as death itself.