Hello guys, we are here to give a detailed description of the Art exhibition that was held in june this year. Many of the art exhibitors have presented their paintings on different aspects. A huge response was challenged in this art exhibition and the people from the different areas have been turned up here to present their ideology on different paintings. Now the great paintings were exhibited on this ceremony and were issued. Some of the photographies were presented on this exhibition.

Art Exhibition Review

A row of the each artist paintings were kept that has attracted the users a lot. Basically on exhibits may a single or two for each artist was allowed, but now this exhibition has got a huge response regarding the issues so that has allowed more number of artists to present their paintings.


This is one of the leading photography on the shoots that were taken on this art exhibition. Simply to say an artist collections were presented here. A single artist has given up his paintings in the art gallery and those are found very much interesting. This is one the new methods that were presented in this art gallery.This is same as the “The 14th Factory”. This was considered as the vanity project to which every thing was fairly shouted.

Art Exhibition 14th Status

This exhibition was a social media hit, prompting the public radio station. In the weekly status it was touted as the exhibition of non profit creating a user experience. This is as followed by the New York Times about a 3 million dollar exhibition. There was a drastic change occurred during this interval of time. Now the factory is here, it engages the site and the audience creating a new user experience for the people. This installation is slickly produced and the video projections have the long staples n the art fair circuit. This has showed the immersive multimedia experience to the users, therefor many people has believed this one as the best.

art exhibition images

images-from-art exhibition


art exhibition

If the users are more interested on the art gallery then they can simply sign up for the free essentials art and culture news letters. This is the first large installation of the exhibits. Majority of the people have choosen that if the entrance of the viewers could be a bit large and with the eagerly viewers queuing for the selfies on mobiles with the drastic apk download apps and also new selfie camera apps. This is as similar to the one in the los angles.

In this the rest of the show is packed with the paintings and photographs. And the main concern is that a video screen has been arranged in it that shows the screens of the selected paintings that were listed as the top ones, consequently more number of the people were involved in this.

This is almost the biggest achievement we have done said by the artists. First of all it was the credit of the painters and their usage.


Finally we can simply say that this exhibition has enrolled most of the people and their aspects of positivity. Now the users from all over are being much awaited so that the people can get the many more appreciations who have presented their ideology over here. As a result you can share this article if you like it.