Collection of best arts and their reviews

Some people are lovers of art and this love for art make them the best collectors of art. We will now look at some of the finest collection of art which will really inspire you and you will really feel” AWW”.

Francois Pinault:

Francois has total art collection of 1.4$ billion and he started by career by chopping wood in 1963 and then he turned his profession to vast one. Also he then acquired Gucci, PUMA and many other brands. He is the person who is having the finest collection of art in the world. He has 2000 contemporary art elite pieces. The pieces are art of some great men like Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Damien First and Gerhard Richter. He has opened many museums for making people such great art. All his collections were also shown in a movie.

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Philip Niarchos:

His story is just like a serial drama where he tool drug and got cheated many times. But when he ended in death he left chunk of art pieces which are master pieces by Van Gogh. Van gogh’s Potrait in which his ear has been chopped off which was then bought for 71.5$ million. Another Jean-Michael Basquiat’s portrait was sold for 3.3$ million. It was really a master piece and true art.

Eli Broad:

He had lot of interest in art and he purchased Van Gogh drawing” Cabanes a Saintes Maries” in 1973. Also he has bought some other art pieces by Miró, Picasso and Matisse also. Eli also added other artist’s collection to his master pieces also. Also established one Broad Art Foundation also in which 8000 art works are available. He has decided to donate 50% of his collection to the masses. You should once visit Broad Art Foundation once you can also see in twitter.

David Geffen:

He had lot of interest in art from childhood and has the most splendid collection of art in school also. Geffen can really sell and buy mater pieces of art with ease. Asylum Records, Geffen Records, and DreamWorks Animation are included in his art collection. Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Rothko artists have contributed to his art. He has really good collection of art that people really want to meet him for seeing his art.

Ezra and David Nahmad:

Nahmad used to buy art and then sell for more bucks than he bought it for. David was a great dealer in art world. He was though no art lover but at that time he was just a superb dealer who knew the speciality about art. He had 5000 pieces of Picassos. This collection cost around 900$ million and really he had the best collection of art in the world. People are really crazy about seeing and buying the art pieces he has. 


Now when we have looked at the 5 most finest collection of art it feels awesome. I hope you will like to see these with your eyes so that you can actually see how great these people were and what kin of love they had for art in their heart.