Eclipse Art Gallery was established over two years ago, exhibiting open call shows monthly, as well as private artist shows; the goal being to bring culture and something new to the High Desert since its opening . During that time, Eclipse has established itself as an advocate and supporter of the High Desert art scene.  Reaching out to artists of every kind, we hold poetry readings at the gallery as well as host performances with  local bands. There’s always a fresh pot of coffee on as well as wonderful people to answer any questions you may have.

Joan Sowinski, a local artist and the director of the Eclipse Art Gallery has a mission to bring high quality art, and enriching art education to the people of the High Desert. Sowinski teaches ceramics, offering hands-on instruction with a pottery wheel, mold pouring, hand building processes, and techniques.

The idea of the gallery was about a place to hang art for the artists that were going to the College, as I was one of them. I found a voice through my art. A few groups of artists were in town but there weren’t any galleries. I looked around the galleries from Redlands to North Hollywood, went to some openings and submitted some works, paintings and assemblages. I found many galleries that had open calls for works and was accepted to many exhibitions and shows. I loved having my work hang, but it was a couple hours on freeways and I wanted my town to have a gallery  close by. So I opened one.

It has been a blast as the community  has surrounded us with talented artists, vibrant energy and an entire desert of  inspirations and ingenuity  for the CELEBRATION that is art.
Just as today and always,

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