Best Art of Apple iOS Devices

Best art of apple ioS electronic devices

People are crazy about iPhones and this is because they have the best art embedded in them which makes them unique. The logo of apple is really cool and a brand value which is surely a status symbol. But not only status symbol apple devices are really cool enough that you will really fall in love with them. There are so many products of apple which will really make you crazy. Some products are iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV and Apple watch. Every device has unique design and it built with such perfection that you feel these are the best art pieces in the world of smartphones.


Talking about iPhone there are so many version available and amongst them iPhone 7 Plus is the latest one. Quad core processor and hexa core GPU is really the best art embedded in iPhone 7 Plus. The body of iPhone 7 Plus is water and dust resistant. Rose Gold in iPhone 7 Plus looks awesome and it feels that this is the best smartphone available on earth and also to download the free apps for your iphone 6 and iphone 7 you can use the latest vshare download and get all the paid apps for free for your device, with this app you can enjoy all the other apps that are necessary. The features of iPhone which will persuade you to fall in love with them are:

  • The speed of iPhone is really commendable and it is because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that your iPhone is never going to hang. Isn’t it amazing? You have such an art embedded in your iPhone that speed will never be any compromising factor.
  • The display of your iPhone can sense pressure also. You can do a lot with apps when you try to put pressure on any app. You can open your email by slightly putting pressure on that icon in air.
  • IPhone is very really easy to use as it has very simple UI and a button to go. Mostly art pieces are very simple and effective and iPhone is really one of the master pieces whose design has not changed over years.
  • Whenever the app is released by developers the first version is no doubt IOS only. People prefer iPhone rather than android because if an app can run smoothly in IOS then there are no such bugs in the app.
  • Mac is a beautiful art in iPhone. You can easily talk over your iPhone and also receive text at the same time. With the help of cloud you can keep your things in sync. You can easily see the photos in your MAC if they are in your iPhone also because of syncing between them.


IPad is really great invention by Apple. This iPad 5th generation is with IOS 10.2.1. It is scratch resistant and has glossy LED backlit IPS. It is fingerprint resistant and has oleo phobic coating. You can get storage in 2 variants one is 32 GB and the other one is 128 GB. You can enjoy the videos at 1080p resolution. Similarly iPad mini 4 has IOS 9.0. It has same LED backlit display and IPS technology. The aspect ratio is perfect i.e. 4:3 while iPad Pro has outstanding features like Antireflective coating, True tone with night shift and Pro Motion, These things make iPad unique and the best art piece. No doubt after reading these features you will definitely say that this has the best art embedded in them.

Apple TV:

4th generation of Apple TV has IOS 9.0 version embedded in it. It has Dolby digital 7.1 and also the best part is that you will get a remote which will help you in finding the functionality of APPLE TV if you are unaware about it. The remote is called Siri remote. It is not that heavy and it can hang easily in your drawing room’s wall. It has superb app store and it has Bluetooth embedded 4.0. Isn’t it amazing? So you can go for Apple TV if you really want to enjoy movie at your home theatre. The resolution is perfect and the add-on features are icing over cake.

Apple Watch

Series 2 of Apple watch is outstanding. It has IOS 10 and has force touch. It can stand up to 18 hours in which you can play songs for 6.5 hours and you can talk for 3 hours while 72 hours should be in power reserve mode. The body is made up of Aluminium and stainless steel. It has heart rate sensor and gyroscope also embedded in apple watch. You can even zoom in and out to search for any feature. This is a really good watch which is very stylish and no doubt when you will wear people will tell you that it is “best art of apple electronic devices”.


Now, we have looked at the main apple iOS devices and all are awesome. They have the best art embedded in them which makes them unique and status symbol. You can definitely go for them and wear the best art. All the best!!

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