New work Of Ceramic


Ceramic material is inorganic and non-metallic. Elements silicon or carbon are evaluated as ceramics. Ceramic materials are weak in shearing and tension, hard, strong in compression, brittle. This article gives information about ceramic and ceramic materials.

Ceramic is a nonmetallic, inorganic and solid material compressing metal. Ceramic material that is formed by the use of heat. The ceramic first use of functional pottery vessel fIR storing food and water is thought to be around 9000 to 10000 BC. And clay bricks were also made around the same time. The glass materials were believed to be discovered in Egypt around 8000 BC. When we are overheating the materials it produces a good colored Glaze on the pottery.

History of ceramic:

There is a long history of ceramic art in almost all developed cultures, and often ceramic objects are all the artistic evidence left from vanished cultures, like that of the Nok in Africa over 2,000 years ago. Cultures especially noted for ceramics include the Japanese, Persian, Cretan, Chinese,  Greek, Mayan, and Korean cultures, as well as the modern Western cultures.

Susan Beecher is the Director of Curriculum & Planning at Sugar Maples, in Maplecrest, NY. Bogen has been working as a studio potter since 1977. She works primarily in porcelain and stoneware. Refractory, such as gas fire radiant, kiln linings steel and glass making crucibles.


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