New Works OF Art – Art Gallery

An art gallery or museum is a space or building for the exhibition of art, usually visual art.  Exhibition or museums can be private or public. Painting all the most commonly displayed art objects such as decorative arts, drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs, collages, furniture, installation art, sculptures, artist’s books are regularly shown. Different types of art galleries, they are galleries in the museum, vanity gallery, contemporary galleries and university museums and galleries.

Galleries in the museum:

In Museum rooms, where the art galleries display for the public is often referred to as galleries as well, with a room dedicated to Ancient Egyptian art often being called the Egyptian Gallery.

Vanity Galleries:

Vanity galleries are also called artist-run initiatives. Vanity galleries are an offshoot of cooperative galleries. galleries which are operated by artists who pool their resources to pay for exhibits and publicity. The artist shows their work and charges fees to the vanity gallery is an art gallery. And most of the art professionals are able to identify them on an artist’s resume.

Contemporary Galleries:

The contemporary gallery refers to private but owned for-profit commercial gallery. These art galleries, without charge they will open to the general public and some are semi-public.
They usually profit is taken by art sales. They are also collective gallery or non-profit.

University Museums and Galleries:

The university museums and galleries constitute collections of art that are maintained, owned and developed by all kinds of schools, colleges, universities, and community colleges.

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